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Covid -19 & the 'New Normal'

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We’re Good To Go - our Covid-19 measures for cleaning, hygiene, social distancing & serving.

We are following the guidance as directed by Scottish Government, set out in the UK Hospitality Scotland and Food Standards Scotland Covid-19 Advice & Risk Assessment documents. 

We have adopted appropriate adaptive measures in light of Covid-19 with regard to thorough cleaning & hygiene, social distancing, mask wearing and limiting our interactions, in order to ensure the safety of our guests, staff and the local community.


We are asking guests to call us from the car park when they arrive for checking in (from 4.00 PM), so that we can ensure guests checking-in are appropriately spaced to ensure social distancing. 


Our property is spacious, relative to the number of guests that can stay at any one time (8 people maximum), but we will be accepting fewer bookings too, if this seems appropriate.


Social distancing is currently set at 2m in Scotland and we intend to maintain this for the time being. We have markings on floors to show 2m spacing, a one way system for moving around ground floor and we aim to keep our interactions to a minimum (without being unwelcoming or unhelpful). The chairs in our lounge have been moved further apart, and we will limit the number of people who can be in shared spaces at any one time, e.g., reducing capacity in our dining room, with breakfast being served in scheduled time slots, ensuring social distancing is maintained. 


There will be no self-service buffet items, so all food items (cooked or cold) need to be ordered in advance and will be served plated from the kitchen. 


Cleaning and hygiene are, of course, critical, so we will be undertaking our usual very thorough cleaning procedures and then ensuring all hand touch or potential high risk areas are sanitised, in line with the guidelines (which are extensive). 


We will not be entering bedrooms once guests are occupying them (unless cleaning is required for longer stays, in which case this will only be done when the guests are out of the room). Hand sanitiser is available at our entrance and other key points. Staff will wear masks and PPE as appropriate to the situation.


Very importantly too, please be aware the guidance states very clearly that if guests arrive declaring they need to self-isolate, or showing possible covid-19 symptoms, then we are obliged to insist that they return home immediately, in order to self-isolate there and they will not be permitted to enter our B&B. Likewise, if someone starts to develop symptoms during their stay. If someone is already clearly seriously unwell when they arrive, then we will of course help them obtain the appropriate medical advice, assistance or treatment.


Providing everyone respects the procedures and ‘new normal’ ways of doing things, we are confident that the measures in place will ensure the safety of our guests, our team and, very importantly in such remote location, our local community.

Also note that due to the current covid-19 situation, with all the uncertainty that brings, we have updated our Terms & Conditions and now offer a room rate which has the flexibility (if required) to re-schedule, or to receive a refund (less a small cancellation charge). These measures safeguard both your interests and our business in a transparent and fair way (please see our Terms & Conditions for more detail).

Evening meals

We are unfortunately unable to offer evening meals this summer, due to the extra workload required during this covid-19 pandemic (cleaning, sanitising & serving). Thankfully, there are several places in the village that will be serving evening meals - see below;

Local Restaurants...

There are currently two places serving lunches & evening meals in the village of Durness, but please be aware that they tend to get very busy and may close around 8-8.30 PM. 

We suggest you call them directly or check their websites or Facebook pages for the latest information.

- Smoo Cave Hotel - seated dining & take away menu.

01971 511227, (

- Sango Sands Oasis - currently take away menu only (restaurant might reopen from late May).

01971 511222, ( 

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